Protect Against Fundamental InfoSec Risks

Foundations: little effort, high yield.

Even small investments in the right place significantly improve essential protection against cyber threats.

Basic Cyber-Protection
Damage caused by cyber-attacks regularly threatens the very existence of companies. Even basic protection provides good protection against ransomware attacks and other cyber threats.
IT-Department: not mandatory
Organizations can already implement basic measures without an in-house IT department. Complimate essential protection can also be realized by part-time administrators who have other responsibilities in the organization.
Flexible implementation
The Complimate project plan for essential protection allows implementation during ongoing business operations. Organizations can implement measures within six months. However, the schedule proposed by Complimate is flexible - the project can also be implemented in a significantly shorter time or over an extended period.
Vendor and Application Agnostic
Regardless of primarily leveraging cloud services or maintaining on-premises infrastructure, the fundamental protection can be applied to both, from Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 to local SQL servers.
Guides by Experts
The Complimate team supports the implementation of the individual measures and provides targeted advice on their performance. We offer a weekly check-in and comprehensive accessibility via e-mail and other digital channels for all project questions.
How-Tos and Templates
Not only for WHAT does Complimate's fundamental protection deliver, but also for HOW we offer concrete support through assistance on the individual topics. Use and individualize our templates such as checklists and guides on typical processes and procedures.
Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Investments in information security yield the greatest return at the outset. Even comparatively simple basic measures show great effectiveness.

The Complimate foundation package includes measures for all relevant IT security topics, but not in scope or depth like large information security projects (such as ISMS) - they are, however, compatible and can be expanded later as needed.

Knowledge and Risk Awareness

Determine value of information, asset inventory, threats and vulnerabilities.

Identity- and Access Management

Identity- and Access Management, MFA, password management systems



Physical asset protection, patch management (updates), firewall, WLAN protection, e-mail security, awareness



Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware, Log-Management



Disaster Recovery Planning



Backups, Improvements, PDCA cycle

Advantage: Cloud

"Safeguarding against the biggest risks and threats is often possible with surprisingly little effort and even without a dedicated IT department - especially when using modern cloud services and SaaS applications."

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