We are passionate about advising on Information Security and Data Protection as well as Governance, Risk, and Compliance.

Focus on Added Value for Customers

Our North Star: Awareness, Resilience, Compeditive Advantages



Our customers make informed decisions about information security and privacy challenges and opportunities.



Our customers build resilience against threats from cyber space. They are armed against attacks and remain able to work even in IT emergencies.


Compeditive Advantages

Our customers achieve competitive advantages by leveraging modern concepts and technologies within a compliance framework of information security and data protection.

Our Promises

What we stand for

Customer Objectives
We support achieving our customers' goals by applying risk-based methods in which risk and reward are in a healthy relationship. We accompany our customers at any point in the InfoSec lifecycle.
We are not hinderers but look with our customers for ways to support their business goals. There is no gain in disrupting the company's business performance process with restrictions and regulations. We welcome modern technology and concepts and are convinced that technologies such as Artificial Intelligence deliver multiple added values.
We complement the existing structures of customers and help to develop them further. We are partners of the IT department and the executive management to achieve individual business goals. We do not replace existing structures but rely on them to provide our services.
We are independent in consulting and providing our services. We are technology-open and vendor independent. We are happy to work with products and solutions from various solution providers, including cloud compliance platforms and GRC solutions.
Internationally Recognized Standards
Our offerings are closely aligned with established standards of various international organizations and associations such as ISO/IEC, ENX, and NIST. We also consider the recommendations and publications of authoritative EU and US authorities such as ENISA and CISA.

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