Data Protection as a Service

Data Protection Made Easy

Our team of data protection experts guides you safely through the requirements of the GDPR. With our data protection management software platform, you centrally manage all required data protection processes and can respond quickly to incidents and requests at any time.

Full-Service Data Protection
In addition to the legally defined tasks of the data protection officer, we offer a full-service solution for data protection - so you no longer need to worry about the GDPR.
Centrally Managed
Thanks to our powerful data protection management software, all data remains neat and well-structured in one place. No more tedious searching together of information from different sources and departments - and an overview at all times.
Data Protection Impact Assessment
We support preparing data protection impact assessments for all mandatory processing operations pursuant to Art. 35 GDPR.
Data Processing Addendums
No commissioned processing of data without a contract - as soon as a third party (e.g. a cloud service) processes data on your behalf, it is mandatory to conclude a contract regulating the data processing between the parties. We review and create contracts for commissioned processing in accordance with Art. 28 GDPR.
Directory of Processing Activities
Every organization must establish and maintain a directory of all data processing activities. We support the creation and maintenance of the directories.
Data Protection Agreements
Individuals must be informed of the processing of their data by the organization through data protection notices in accordance with Art. 13 GDPR. We support the creation and review of data protection notices for use in products, on company websites or for internal use vis-à-vis employees.
Compliant Implementation of Data Subject Rights
Design legally compliant processes to meet data subject obligations under Art. 14-20 GDPR. We support the design and review of processes for requests for information, correction or deletion of data submitted to the organization by third parties.

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