Compeditive Advantages through comprehensive Information Security

Our information security experts will work with you to develop a customized plan to protect your company's data and systems, giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace.


Compeditive Advantage: Information Security

Increase customer trust and credibility by demonstrating your commitment to protecting sensitive customer data. Effective information security measures help prevent cyberattacks and data breaches and effectively protect against unauthorized access to data and IT systems, costly reputational damage, and fines.


All good?
Know where you stand!

Get an overview of the current status of information security and reveal weaknesses and potential for improvement. Communicate your information security status to third parties or use it to plan and budget further initiatives.


Build trust, gain new customers

Position yourself as a reliable partner in the supply chain and establish information security management systems (ISMS) according to internationally recognized standards such as ISO 27001 or TISAX.


Staying ahead of the curve.

Improve your organization's security posture with the support of an Information Security Officer (ISO). Develop and operate a long-term information security program and realize sustainable compliance, cost, and knowledge benefits.

"The projects are carried out transparently and innovatively in a spirit of partnership. We particularly like the pragmatic approach."

Elmar Thomas

Commercial Director, ABT

"Mit Complimate haben wir einen Partner zum Schutz unser vertraulichen Daten gefunden, der umfassend und kompetent zu allen Belangen der Informationssicherheit berät - ein super Team. Wir haben keine eigene IT-Abteilung und arbeiten fast ausschließlich Cloud-basierten Anwendungen. Für deren Sicherheit hat Complimate in kurzer Zeit starke Konzepte und Prozesse zum Schutz mit uns implementiert."

Peter Kusel

CEO, Mehr.Wert.GmbH


No matter if Digital Native or Family Owned Business.

"We understand ourselves as a partner of small and medium enterprises, from startups to hidden champions. With our team of experts from different areas and backgrounds, we can personally guide all our clients, overcome challenges together, and create competitive advantages."

Foto von Johannes Landerer